Tallinn International Horse Show

Selling area in Tallinn International Horse Show

Organizer provides exponent the booked presentation area with standard stand on the first floor/level of Saku Hall, general lightening on stand and general security measures during the three days of event and montage & demolition.

Additional information info [at] tallinnhorseshow.ee


Eggersmann Eesti – https://www.eggersmann.ee/

ByHand OÜ – www.ratsapood.ee

Helketmar OÜ – http://www.helketmar.ee/

Alante OÜ – https://alante.eu/

Ratsane OÜ https://ratsane.eu/

Vana-Tori Hobuse Ühing MTÜ –  http://www.vana-torihobune.ee/

Pet City OÜ – https://www.petcity.ee/

Suured Ponid OÜ – https://imperial-one.com/

7Lavella & Le Parade – https://www.facebook.com/7Lavella/

OHO.ee / Hevoslehti RIDE! – https://oho.ee/ https://www.123ride.fi/

Green World Solutions – www.blackstuff.ee

Alexela – https://www.alexela.ee/et

Juurimaa Tall – http://www.juurimaatall.ee