Show program 2023

This year’s equestrian artist in Tallinn International Horse Show is Anne Krüger from Germany

Tallinn International Horse Show at Unibet Arena, October 6th to 8th, offers an impressive show program in addition to high-level equestrian sports. 

Anne Krüger will perform on Friday, 06.10 and on Sunday, 08.10 before the Grand Prix in the Unibet Arena. She is well known to the audience from the year 2017. This time her show is called “Harmony in black and white” where she is performing with horses, goats, working border collies and retriever dogs.



Find out more from Anne Krüger’s website. 


To bring joy to our youngest spectators, the smallest ponies of Tondi Riding School will perform a choreographed musical quadrille in the afternoon of October 6th and on Sunday, October 8th 

Photos: Mia Vahimets

Tickets: https://piletilevi.ee



Explanation of Horse Show 20 show


The first Tallinn International Horse Show took place in Saku Suurhall, October 18.-20. 2002. It was the first major indoor international equestrian event in Estonia and the whole Baltic area. The highlight of the event was Rein Pill’s and Ecuador’s victory in the Grand Prix class to the ovation of the home audience.

The tradition of costume classes was started already in the first years.

Coming up with the ideas was easy for the participants. Do you remember the Suburban Hags, A-Team or Agnes from The Last Relic? Who said Elvis is dead? No, he is here in Saku Suurhall on a very familiar horse Paloma. He is Urmas Raag.

2004 was the year when the hugely popular horse show series Palladium Cup’s final took place at the Tallinn International Horse Show. The trophy was specially made by a famous Estonian sculptor Tauno Kangro.

In 2005, Confectionery company Kalev became the main sponsor of the event. The organisers thanked the main sponsor of the event for the first year, the owner of Kommest Auto (Peugeot), Toomas Rüütmann. The show program was grander than ever. The crowd got to see the French “horse whisperer” Jean-Francois Pignon’s show. 2005 was also the year when the voice of the show, Mart Mardisalu, joined the team. The home audience had a reason to rejoice once again because the victory of the World Cup event stayed home again thanks to the outstanding performance by Gunnar Klettenberg and Novesta.

The Grand Prix class was presented by the local fuel station chain Alexela for the first time. The audience was entertained by the Ukrainian cossacks.

The main sponsors of the event were two big local companies, Alexela and Kalev. Tallinn International Horse Show had found a place in the equestrian event calendar of Estonia and neighbouring countries and in the hearts of the audience. More and more visitors came from Finland.

By 2007, the format of the show was well established, encompassing top-level equestrian sports and interludes on horses, live music and other kinds of entertainment. It was the year when the pony class was first introduced. Horse Show’s own production presented a mixture of dressage and dance.

At the prize-giving ceremony of the main event on the last day in 2008 the hymn of the Republic of Estonia was played for the third time, on this occasion in honour of Hanno Ellermann and Poncord.

Like the Estonian economy as a whole, the Tallinn International Horse Show didn’t remain untouched by the recession of 2009, so the next major event only took place in the spring of 2010 thanks to the support of Alexela.

The show that was held in March was historic in many ways. It was the one and only time that the World Cup final of the Central European League was held at the Tallinn International Horse Show. They were also entertained by the grandiose horse show “Nordic night”. The unexpected weather in March offered some challenges for the organisers. It was a year with the greatest amount of snowfall in the last decade, and it was not going to end any time soon. The audience of the Tallinn Horse Show could also enjoy international dressage for the first time.

The dressage riders were also present in 2011. 12 dressage riders and horses danced along to the music of a famous Estonian singer Koit Toome. The show program was again something to look forward to. In addition to the jumping World Cup qualifier and FEI dressage event, incredible horsemen from France and the orchestra of the Defence Forces with folk dancers offered entertainment. The pony riders demonstrated seven equestrian disciplines to the audience.

The jubilee show brought the audience three days of dressage and jumping classes and spectacular performances in the show program. A gift appropriate for a jubilee was Gunnar Klettenberg and Ulrike R winning the World Cup qualifier to the tumultuous ovation of the home audience. “My Estonia”, the grand production of our own team, was created with the help of 80 people and 40 horses. Among others, small ponies and motorbikes took the stage.

In 2013, Uku Suviste gave a great performance in the show program. The fire show by German Excalibur Horse Show was spectacular and finally, eventers also made their way to Saku Suurhall.

On the 12th year of the Tallinn International Horse Show, for the first time in Estonia, a World Cup qualifier in dressage was held. Tiit Kivisild’s and Cinnamon’s victory in the World Cup Qualifier is heartwarming to this day. Everyone remembers the twelfth Tallinn International Horse Show as the „Cinnamon Show“– the winner of the World Cup qualifier, Alexela Grand Prix was also the “cover girl” of our event this year!

The devil’s dozen Horse Show offered historic moments in the dressage discipline once again. The local prospects put themselves to the test in dressage, riding their marathon-like class at late-night hours, with sleepy-looking fans egging them on. In addition, the audience got to enjoy the amazing vaulting performance by Finnish vaulters and beautiful guitar music with a gorgeous “dancing” Spanish horse under Dina Ellermann. The musical performance by Koit Toome was held due to technical issues, at the very end of the closing ceremony.

In 2016, after many years, costumed riding was brought back to the entertainment program. The Estonian audience also got to see Ukrainian cossacks whose performance received a standing ovation.

The 15th jubilee event brought about several innovations. Once again, dressage was on the program and a long-awaited World Cup qualifier victory came to Estonia. Dina Ellermann and Landy’s Akvarel have been Estonia’s number 1 rider and horse combination for a long time.

The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia brought Estonian history and culture to the arena with a spectacular show and the stage was filled with hundred beautiful folk dancers.

17. Tallinn International Horse Show proved once again that the Estonian audience enjoys equestrian sport immensely. The audience was enchanted by the beautiful, moving and amazing performance of Santi Serra from Spain. The driving demonstration at the opening ceremony enlivened the audience and helped popularise this discipline.

The eighteenth Tallinn International Horse Show took place a year later than planned due to the global COVID pandemic. Despite the organisational challenges, where, among other things, the vaccination certificates of all visitors had to be checked, the region’s biggest equestrian event was still a success in every way. German vaulters with the World Championships title amazed the audience along with the legendary Horse Men Team.

The 2022 Tallinn International Horse Show will be remembered in shades of blue and yellow. This colour combination was worn by the volunteers, showing their support for Ukraine, which has suffered in the war. A support campaign for Ukrainian horses and horse owners was also organised as part of the festival to help supplement essential feed supplies and keep evacuation stables running. In addition, the audience was entertained by the show jumper Paul Argus and dressage rider Dina Ellermann who exchanged horses and tested themselves in each other’s fields.

Throughout the 20 years, amazing music has always been a part of the show. We have had a variety of great artists performing here. The cutest pony riders and their tiny ponies have also been one of the most wanted acts every year. We want to thank you, the audience for all those emotions that you have offered throughout these 20 years. The soul of the Tallinn International Horse Show becomes apparent when seeing the commitment of the organisers and the volunteers. Without them, there would be no Tallinn International Horse Show. Therefore, we are saying a big thank you!