Tallinn International Horse Show

Showprogram 2019

Tallinn International Horse Show brings world famous equestrian performance to Estonia

Tallinn International Horse Show at Saku Suurhall, October 4th to October 6th, offers an impressive show programme in addition to high-level equestrian sports.  This year,  the world famous Santi Serra from Spain is among the performers.

Santi, born and raised in Barcelona, has performed all over the world, from New York to Hong Kong. The young man’s special strong bond with the animals and his passion for working with them captivates the audience from the first moments.

The Spaniard comes from a family of horse breeders and working with horses is in his blood. He learned to ride before he could walk  and became a professional rodeo rider at 14.  The performances, Sercam Shows, are organized in collaboration with his brother John.

Santi has claimed that the horses know his heart is filled with love and respect for those large animals and that is the reason their bond is so strong and unique.  In addition to horses, dogs also perform in his show.

Santi said in an interview: ”Everyone has dreams. I dreamt that my horses could be like dogs in the sense that they sit, lie down, enjoy free training and respond to their name. So I worked for my dream, got to know the horses, befriended them.  The trick is to be their leader while working and get to know them in their natural state.”

Santi Serra’s horse and dog show at Tallinn International Horse Show is scheduled for Friday, October 4th at  7. 15 P.M and Sunday, October 6th at 3. 20 P.M.

Foto: Napo Cesar

The ethereal sound of laser harp will pervade the Horse Show arena

This year, Tallinn International Horse Show will offer the audience another unique experience – the unworldly laser harp can be heard and seen in Saturday’s show programme. 

Fotograaf: Dmitri Leshihhin

In the afernoon of October 5th, the Horse Show audience will be enchantedd by Tiit Kikas on his unique instrument – laser harp.  The act encompasses light, sound and special effects and is a delight to eyes and ears.

This very special instrument is a laser projecting 8 beams  that can be played like a harp. Every time a beam is blocked by  hand, a specific sound is produced. Tiit has built and continuously improved his laser instrument since 2005 and and he has performed all over the world.

Tiit has composed and produced more than a hundred albums and he has composed music for many films, theatrical performances and radio shows.

Tiit Kikas and laser harp can be seen at the Tallinn International Horse Show , October 5th at 3 P. M.

Foto_Harry Tiits