2024 Expo Area Now on Sale

Tallinn International Horse Show 2024 is now taking bookings to reserve EXPO spots at this years’ show.
For more information please contact: riina@ratsaliit.ee

Photo: Susanna Liis Ole

Tickets for Tallinn International Horse Show 2024 now available!

The 21st Tallinn International Horse Show takes place on 04.10-06.10.2024. Tickets are available in Piletilevi. Buy your ticket HERE!

Spreading false information about Horse Show’s six bar competition

A photo has been published on Twitter, depicting the awarding ceremony of the six bar class, where the winner Andrius Petrovas is honored with the national anthem of Lithuania, and the national flag of Lithuania is displayed on large screens. On the circulated photo, it appears as if the screens were displaying the flag of the Russian Federation. It is likely that the photo has been manipulated, altering the colors of the displayed flag. Since the entire event has been recorded on video with multiple cameras, it is not difficult to prove that the photo does not accurately reflect the reality. The Estonian Equestrian Federation condemns attempts to damage a reputation of this twenty-year-old flagship event with the spread of false information.

European Regional Development Fund supports the Tallinn International Horse Show for three years

European Regional Development Fund supports Tallinn International Horse Show international marketing activities introducing Tallinn and Estonia as an attractive tourism destination with 200 000 euros during 2023-2025.

2023 Expo Area Now on Sale

Tallinn International Horse Show 2023 is now taking bookings to reserve EXPO spots at thia years’ show.For more information please contact: riina@ratsaliit.ee

Photo: Susanna Liis Ole


Tallinn Horse Show Comes On New 3* Level

The Estonian Equestrian Federation decided to raise the level of Tallinn International Horse Show competition from two stars to three stars. The change makes it possible to offer the audience a higher-level sporting spectacle with the participation of Europe’s top athletes.

According to the secretary general of the Estonian Equestrian Federation, Riina Pill, the three-star level in the context of equestrian competitions means that three Longines-ranking competitions are held within the event. “The prize funds for these competitions are attractive enough to appeal to high-level riders from further afield than just our neighboring countries to compete in Tallinn,” explained Pill. According to her, the desire to raise the level of the competitions has been on the table of the organizers of the Tallinn International Horse Show for a long time, and the decision has primarily been based on financial opportunities. “This year we are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Show and I am extremely pleased that our sponsors have come on board with our plans. We can now claim that we have reached the beginning of a new era with the event,” said Pill.

Tallinn International Horse Show is an international sports event that combines top-level equestrian sports and entertainment for the whole family. More than 200 volunteers and thousands of spectators contribute to the preparation and operation of the three-day event. Tallinn International Horse Show is organized by the Estonian Equestrian Federation.


Tickets for Tallinn International Horse Show 2023 now available!

The 20th Tallinn International Horse Show takes place on 06.10-08.10.2023. Tickets are available in Piletilevi. Buy your ticket HERE!

This year Tallinn International Horse Show is working together with Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation to help the horses caught up in the war.

The Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation (registered in Belgium) with the assistance from the FEI (International Equestrian Federation), EEF (European Equestrian Federation), USEF and national federations and welfare organizations is supporting the Ukrainian horse owners, riding schools, athletes, equestrian clubs, stables and professionals who are in desperate conditions without any resources of saving their horses. We give needs-based assistance on the ground, including assisting with relocation of horses, offering shelter stabling, sourcing food and organizing logistics to deliver humanitarian aid to equestrians and their horses in Ukraine.
You can donate at our event, but you can do it through their web page already sooner by clicking on the link:
Tallinn International Horse Show stands together with the Ukrainian people and in solidarity, this year’s volunteers will be wearing clothes in Ukrainian colors. Slava Ukraini!💙💛

Enterprise Estonia and the European Regional Development Fund support Tallinn International Horse Show

EAS and the European Regional Development Fund support the organization of the Tallinn International Horse Show 2022 with up to 64,999.90 euros. The recipient of the grant, the Estonian Equestrian Sports Association, guarantees to the grantor that the number of foreign visitors related to the event is at least 80 and includes at least 2 small or medium-sized tourism service companies in the event, which sell their services to visitors participating in the event. More info on VisitEstonia.com.
Tallinn International Horse Show, which will take place this year from September 30 to October 2 in Saku Suurhalli, combines top-level equestrian sports, an exciting show program and genuine experiences from the horse world. More than 150 volunteers and thousands of spectators help in the preparation and operation of the three-day horse festival.

Tickets for Tallinn International Horse Show 2022 now available!

The 19th Tallinn International Horse Show takes place on 30.09-02.10.2022. Tickets are available in Piletikeskus. Buy your ticket HERE!



Tallinn International Horse Show 2020 is cancelled! On the last day of May, Tallinn International Horse Show organizing team made a heartbreaking decision to cancel the 2020 competition.

Tallinn International Horse Show features the World Cup qualifiers both in show jumping & dressage, and has been a very popular event with the local as well as the international audience.

The decision to cancel was not easy for the organizers, as the event is very important to our athletes and the equestrian fans all over Estonia. Unfortunately the COVID-19 crisis has affected the financial situation of our sponsors and they are not able to support our horse show to the extent they would like to. The organizers also decided that as the danger of the virus is still there in Estonia and the surrounding countries, it is better not to risk the health of thousands of spectators attending the indoor event.

„We thought it would be a wise decision to cancel our horse show this fall. Otherwise, the risks would be too big for us, for the participants and spectators. Our aim is to offer a high quality competition in a safe environment for the riders and the public, but we understand that the current circumstances would make this impossible for us. We hope that our fans will understand the reasons behind our decision,“ said the Tallinn Horse Show director Riina Pill. „Right now we are focusing on the 2021 event already. Hopefully the situation will be stabilized by that time and we can go ahead with a spectacular show, as planned.“

All the 2020 tickets will be automatically valid for the Tallinn International Horse Show in 2021. Those who would like to claim a refund for purchased tickets, will have to send their request in writing to piletid@piletikeskus.ee by June 30th, 2020.

Tallinn International Horse Show will be held again on October 1-3, 2021.


Tallinn International Horse Show 2019

17. Tallinn International Horse Show proved once again that the Estonian audience enjoys equestrian sport immensely. The exciting sports event and magical show filled the Saku Suurhall and offered a truly memorable experience to the spectators.

When will the second place curse of the Estonian riders be broken, many must have asked themselves Sunday evening when winners of the show jumping World Cup qualifier were announced. The victory was close – and it was snatched away by a Latvian athlete again, this time Laura Penele. Our riders of the younger generation, Paul-Richard Argus and Kullo Kender have been stepping on Rein Pill and Co’s heels this year and we are hoping more good results in the near future.  Dressage fans also rejoiced over Dina Ellermannis great result in the dressage World Cup qualifier. Although the victory remained elusive this time, Dina and Donna are only in the beginning of their Grand Prix journey and their best performances are yet to come.

Friday evening and Sunday afternoon the audience was enchanted by the beautiful, moving and amazing performance of Santi Serra form Spain.  Warm and sincere Santi captured the audience in a heartbeat. Even people who have decades of  experience with horses  asked “How on earth does he do that?” when Santi made his horses sit, lie down and run around him with incredible ease.

Saturday afternoon magical sounds and striking light effects filled the arena when Tiit Kikas took the stage. During the magnificent laser show oohs and ahhs were heard from the amazed audience.

On a more serious note,  Tõnis Niinemets urged people to use natural resources more mindfully.   The symbolic quadrille of horse-drawn carriages and Škodas fueled by CNG was prepared in cooperation of Alexela and Auto 100.  In conclusion, Alexela board member Alan Vaht exhorted everybody to help turn the red lines of climate change back into blue.

All those emotions can be recaptured via video-on-demand service of Postimees,  ratsutamine.postimees.ee. Also, a Horse Show special can be seen on Friday, October 11 on ETV2 and again on October  13, on ERR.

We will meet again in Saku Suurhall, in 2020!



Dressage GP Freestyle winner Rose Mathisen (SWE) and Zuidenwind 1187. Photo: Celin Lannusalu


Alexela GP winners Laura Penele (LAT) and Dundas V.D.M.
© Photo: Mari Ann Selge / selge.smugmug.com


Tallinn International Horse Show 2018

True emotions  – these are the words that can be used to recap the 16th Tallinn International Horse Show that took place from October 5 to October 7 in the familiar Saku Suurhall.

This time we only managed to come very close to the most important victories but we still rejoiced  over the dressage World Cup qualifier of  Dina Ellermann and Landy’s  Akvarel and the show jumping World Cup qualifier of Hanno Ellermann and Freedom. Dina and Akva set a new personal record and Hanno was sincerely  surprised at the great achievement of his  young horse.

The organizers of the Horse Show, in turn, were suprised at the attendance and the popularity of the event. Almost incredibly, the Saturday’s  tickets reserved for advance sale were sold out a week before the event started. Seeing that the Horse Show is eagerly awaited and important for so many people of Estonia and neighbouring countries also motivates us in organizing the 17th Tallinn International Horse Show.

We’ll meet again in 2019, October 4 to October 6!


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Dressage GP Freestyle winners Natalie Oldfors (SWE) and Mickey M. Photo: Magnus Järve

Alexela GP winners Kristaps Neretnieks (LAT) and Moon Ray. Photo: Celin Lannusalu

15th Tallinn International Horse Show

October 6 to October 2017 was the historical weekend of the jubilee Tallinn International  Horse Show.

The jubilee event brought about several innovations, the most important and the most extensive for the organizers being the change in the ticket system. For the first time the visitors had the option to purchase tickets for specific numbered seats. In addition, Saturday was divided into two parts. Now we can say that the audience quickly approved the innovation and everything went without major incidents.

This year a new web page was also created and turned out to be highly popular, especially among smart phone users.

The competition itself delighted us with excitement and good results of our athletes. Once again, dressage was on the program and long-awaited World Cup qualifier victory came to Estonia. Dina Ellermann and Landy’s Akvarel  have been Estonia’s number 1 rider/horse combination for a long time and finally this important victory came, too. The World Cup qualifier in show jumping on Sunday, sponsored by Alexela, was also gripping for the audience. Although Urmas Raag and Ibelle van de Grote Haart were deprived of the victory by such a narrow margin, the class still ended on a positive note. Michal Kazmierczak on  Stakorado took the World Cup Qualifier victory to Poland.

All together,  633 starts were made in these three days, 253 horses and 170 riders from 11 countries competed in various classes. Around 12 000 spectators visited Saku Suurhall and all this came into being thanks to  40 supporters and cooperation partners.

Winner of World Cup Qualifier – Michal Kazmierczak on Stakorado. Photo: Magnus Järve