The winners on Tallinn International Horse Show Grand Prix:
• 2002 Rein Pill and Ecuador (EST)
• 2003 Matthias Granzow and Cabrol Amicor (GER)
• 2004 Camilla Enemark and Diamant du Gaty (DEN)
• 2005 Gunnar Klettenberg and Novesta (EST)
• 2006 Łukasz Jończyk and Lavida (POL)
• 2007 Raimo Aaltonen and Lumonia (FIN)
• 2008 Hanno Ellermann and Poncorde (EST)
• 2010 Peter Geerink and Scotch (NED)
• 2011 Anna Gromzina and Pimlico (RUS)
• 2012 Gunnar Klettenberg and Ulrike R (EST)
• 2013 Vladimir Beletskiy and Mats’ Up Du Plessis (RUS)
• 2014 Tiit Kivisild and Cinnamon (EST)
• 2015 Alexandr Belekhov and Bivaldi (RUS)
• 2016 Andis Varna and Coradina KS (LAT)
• 2017 Michal Kazmierczak and Stakorado (POL)
• 2018 Kristaps Neretnieks and Moon Ray (LAT)
• 2019 Laura Penele and Dundas V.D.M. (LAT)
• 2021 Abdullah Alsharbatly ja Quincy 230 (KSA)

Dressage FEI World Cup™  winners:
• 2014 Inessa Merkulova and  Mister X (RUS)
• 2015 Inna Logutenkova and Don Gregorius (UA)
• 2017 Dina Ellermann and Landy’s Akvarel (EST)
• 2018 Natalie Oldfors and Mickey M (SWE)
• 2019 Rose Mathisen and Zuidenwind 1187 (SWE)
• 2021 Jennie Larsson ja Zircoon Spring Flower (SWE)


18 years of Tallinn International Horse Show

Horse enthusiasts have come together in the Saku Suurhall to watch the biggest equestrian event in the Baltic area for 18 years already. Through the years, Tallinn International Horse Show has offered the audience top level equestrian sports, entertainment and many unforgettable experiences.



2002. The beginning

The first Tallinn International Horse Show took place in Saku Suurhall, October 18.-20. 2002. It was the first major indoor international equestrian event in Estonia and the whole Baltic area. 85 volunteers participated in preparing and holding the event. Athletes from 11 countries competed in the horse show and there were over 12 000 spectators. The main sponsor that year and the two following years was Kommest Auto, importer of Peugeot.

Musical interludes were provided by Siiri Sisask and Tõnis Mägi who performed songs from the musical “Evita”. Thus began the tradition of using live music in the show program, one of the main trademarks of the Tallinn Horse show today. The highlight of the event was Rein Pill’s and Ecuador’s victory in the Grand Prix class to the ovation of the home audience.

Although it was the first experience of this magnitude for the organisers, which meant that holding the show incurred great risks, the post-event comments from the organisers, competitors, spectators and also the organising team of the prestigious Helsinki Horse Show were highly positive.

Rein Pill and Ecuador in 2007. Photo Mati Hiis, SL ÕHTULEHT



This year the long-standing tradition of costumed riding began. Pernilla Bendiks from Denmark and her western riding show also enjoyed great popularity. Since 2003 Tallinn International Horse Show belongs to the World Cup series of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) .

2003 Matthias Granzow and Cabrol Amicor (GER). Photo: Külli Tedre



The main sponsor put up a Peugeot as a prize in the main class of the competition. The finals of the highly popular Estonian Palladium Cup series in open, amateur, junior and young horse classes were also held within the event program.

Memorable moments from the entertainment program included dog agility and the emotional show of Ukrainian cossacks.

Camilla Enemark and Diamant du Gaty (DEN)



Confectionery company Kalev became the main sponsor of the event. The show program was grander than ever. In addition to the French “horse whisperer” Jean-Francois Pignon’s show the audience was treated to the performances of Maarja-Liis Ilus and Koit Toome, Diana Klas and Jüri Aarma and Happy Feet Dixieland band. Home audience had a reason to rejoice once again because the victory of the World Cup event stayed home again thanks to outstanding performance by Gunnar Klettenberg and Novesta.

Gunnar Klettenberg and Novesta (EST). Photo: Külli Tedre



The audience was entertained by Noorkuu and Lament, dressage quadrilles and small ponies. At the insistence of the audience, the Ukrainian cossacks performed once again. The Grand Prix class was presented by the local fuel station chain Alexela for the first time.

Łukasz Jończyk and Lavida (POL) Photo: Külli Tedre


2007 – 2008

The main sponsors of the event were two big local companies, Alexela and Kalev. Tallinn International Horse Show had found a place in the equestrian event calendar of Estonia and neighbouring countries and in the hearts of the audience. More and more visitors came from Finland.

The format of the show was well established, encompassing top level equestrian sports and interludes on horses, live music and other kinds of entertainment. In 2007 the interludes included Tobbe Larsson from Sweden with his Spanish Riding School show and Birgit Õigemeel. Horse Show’s own production presented a mixture of dressage and dance arranged by Märt Agu.

At the prize-giving ceremony of the main event on the last day in 2008 the hymn of the Republic of Estonia was played for the third time, on this occasion in honour of Hanno Ellermann and Poncord.

2007 – Raimo Aaltonen (FIN) (Here with Eafons Polyfin). Photo: Külli Tedre


2008 – Hanno Ellermann and Poncorde (EST). Photo: Külli Tedre



Like the Estonian economy as a whole, the Tallinn International Horse Show didn’t remain untouched by the recession of 2009, so the next major event only took place in spring of 2010 thanks to the support of Alexela.

The audience of the Tallinn Horse Show could also enjoy international dressage for the first time. They were also entertained by Marten Kuningas, known from the recent Superstar TV-series, and horse show “Nordic night”.


Peter Geerink and Scotch II (NED) Photo: Külli Tedre



In addition to the jumping World Cup qualifier and FEI dressage event, incredible horsemen from France and the orchestra of the Defence Forces with folk dancers offered entertainment.

Anna Gromzina and Pimlico. Photo: Külli Tedre


2012 – 10 years

The jubilee show brought the audience three days of dressage and jumping classes and spectacular performances in the show program. Among others, Tanel Padar & The Sun, small ponies, folk dancers, the orchestra of the Defence Forces, fast dogs, motorbikes and many others took the stage. “My Estonia”, the grand production of our own team, was created with the help of 80 people and 40 horses. A gift appropriate for a jubilee was Gunnar Klettenberg and Ulrike R winning the World Cup qualifier to the tumultuous ovation of the home audience.

Gunnar Klettenberg and Ulrike R (EST). Photo: Külli Tedre



This time the Horse Show began on Thursday evening already, when young horses entered the arena. The farthest guest of the main event came from Turkey, athletes from Lithuania won the most prizes and Uku Suviste gave a great performance in the show program. The fire show by Excalibur Horse Shows and Dina Ellermann’s victory in dressage were also memorable.

Vladimir Beletskiy and Mats’ Up Du Plessis (RUS). Photo: Külli Tedre



Tiit Kivisild’s and Cinnamon’s victory in the World Cup Qualifier is heartwarming to this day. Everyone remembers the twelfth Tallinn International Horse Show as the „Cinnamon Show“– the winner of the World Cup qualifier, Alexela Grand Prix was also the “cover girl” of our event this year! For the first time in Estonia a World Cup qualifier in dressage was held. It was won by the Russian pair Inessa Merkulova and Mister X.
The performers included James Werts World Project, Lenna and Tanel Padar Blues Band. The elite team of the gymnastics club Piruett and the striking Kelfirius fire show troupe gave a memorable performance together.
The driving demonstration enlivened the audience and helped popularise this discipline that is not widely practised in Estonia yet.


Tiit Kivisild and Cinnamon. Photo: Külli Tedre


Inessa Merkulova and Mister X. Photo: Susanna Liis Ole



The devil’s dozen Horse Show offered the organisers plenty of challenges which culminated in the sky stage getting stuck under the ceiling of Saku Suurhall. All is well that ends well – neither  jumping World Cup qualifier nor Koit Toome’s concert were cancelled. He performed Jaak Joala’s songs at the closing ceremony on Sunday evening instead.
Both big stars and local prospects put themselves to test in dressage. The latter rode their marathon-like class at late-night hours, with sleepy-looking fans egging them on.
For the first time in the history of the event opera music could be heard in the show program. In addition, the audience got to enjoy beautiful guitar music by Heiki Mätlik who was accompanied on the arena by a gorgeous “dancing” Spanish horse under Dina Ellermann. The brilliant trio La Phoenix left no-one cold and fabulous vaulters from Finland showed off their skills.

Alexandr Belekhov and Bivaldi (RUS). Photo: Gerlin Kess

Inna Logutenkova and Don Gregorius (UA). Photo: Gerlin Kess


14th Horse Show goes into history with the fact that Saturday’s tickets were sold out in advance and it was barely possible to fit the crowd into the hall of Saku Suurhall.

This time there were lots of national classes in the program of the event which gave many local athletes a chance to come and compete in front of a large audience. After many years there was costumed riding in the entertainment program and the Estonian audience also got to see Ukrainian cossacks whose performance received a standing ovation. Anne Veski, Ruslan Trochynskyi with friends and Klassikatähed also took the stage. The show team staged a splendid production about the 160-year history of the Tori Horse Stud. And there were small ponies, of course, this time with a highly memorable quadrille.

Andis Varna and Coradina KS (LAT). Photo: Celin Lannusalu


The 15th Tallinn International Horse Show came!

The jubilee event brought about several innovations, the most important and the most extensive for the organizers being the change in the ticket system. For the first time the visitors had the option to purchase tickets for specific numbered seats. In addition, Saturday was divided into two parts. Now we can say that the audience quickly approved the innovation and everything went without major incidents.

This year a new web page was also created and turned out to be highly popular, especially among smart phone users.

The competition itself delighted us with excitement and good results of our athletes. Once again, dressage was on the program and long-awaited World Cup qualifier victory came to Estonia. Dina Ellermann and Landy’s Akvarel  have been Estonia’s number 1 rider/horse combination for a long time and finally this important victory came, too. The World Cup qualifier in show jumping on Sunday, sponsored by Alexela, was also gripping for the audience. Although Urmas Raag and Ibelle van de Grote Haart were deprived of the victory by such a narrow margin, the class still ended on a positive note. Michal Kazmierczak on  Stakorado took the World Cup Qualifier victory to Poland.

Michal Kazmierczak on Stakorado (POL). Photo: Celin Lannusalu

Dina Ellermann ja Landy’s Akvarel (EST). Photo: Aldi Alev


True emotions  – these are the words that can be used to recap the 16th Tallinn International Horse Show that took place from October 5 to October 7 in the familiar Saku Suurhall.

This time we only managed to come very close to the most important victories but we still rejoiced  over the dressage World Cup qualifier of  Dina Ellermann and Landy’s  Akvarel and the show jumping World Cup qualifier of Hanno Ellermann and Freedom. Dina and Akva set a new personal record and Hanno was sincerely  surprised at the great achievement of his  young horse.

The organizers of the Horse Show, in turn, were suprised at the attendance and the popularity of the event. Almost incredibly, the Saturday’s  tickets reserved for advance sale were sold out a week before the event started. Seeing that the Horse Show is eagerly awaited and important for so many people of Estonia and neighbouring countries also motivates us in organizing the 17th Tallinn International Horse Show.

Alexela GP winners Kristaps Neretnieks and Moon Ray (LAT). Photo: Celin Lannusalu

Dressage WC winners Natalie Oldfors (SWE) and Mickey M. Photo: Magnus Järve


True emotions from the 17th  Horse Show

17. Tallinn International Horse Show proved once again that the Estonian audience enjoys equestrian sport immensely. The exciting sports event and magical show filled the Saku Suurhall and offered a truly memorable experience to the spectators.

When will the second place curse of the Estonian riders be broken, many must have asked themselves Sunday evening when winners of the show jumping World Cup qualifier were announced. The victory was close – and it was snatched away by a Latvian athlete again, this time Laura Penele. Our riders of the younger generation, Paul-Richard Argus and Kullo Kender have been stepping on Rein Pill and Co’s heels this year and we are hoping more good results in the near future.  Dressage fans also rejoiced over Dina Ellermannis great result in the dressage World Cup qualifier. Although the victory remained elusive this time (the winner was Rose Mathisen wirt Zuidenwind 1187 from Sweden), Dina and Donna are only in the beginning of their Grand Prix journey and their best performances are yet to come.

Friday evening and Sunday afternoon the audience was enchanted by the beautiful, moving and amazing performance of Santi Serra form Spain.  Warm and sincere Santi captured the audience in a heartbeat. Even people who have decades of  experience with horses  asked “How on earth does he do that?” when Santi made his horses sit, lie down and run around him with incredible ease.

Saturday afternoon magical sounds and striking light effects filled the arena when Tiit Kikas took the stage. During the magnificent laser show oohs and ahhs were heard from the amazed audience.

On a more serious note,  Tõnis Niinemets urged people to use natural resources more mindfully.   The symbolic quadrille of horse-drawn carriages and Škodas fueled by CNG was prepared in cooperation of Alexela and Auto 100.  In conclusion, Alexela board member Alan Vaht exhorted everybody to help turn the red lines of climate change back into blue.

All those emotions can be recaptured via video-on-demand service of Postimees, ratsutamine.postimees.ee.

Dressage GP Freestyle winner Rose Mathisen (SWE) and Zuidenwind 1187. Photo: Celin Lannusalu

Alexela GP winners Laura Penele (LAT) and Dundas V.D.M. © Photo: Mari Ann Selge / selge.smugmug.com